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some lovely things have made their way onto my desk recently.. it's been a while since my last 'new in' post so I though a round up was in order!

sweetlime create the most incredibly beautiful boho accessories, for me their pom pom decorated clutch bags with beautiful ethnic fabrics are just the most wondrous thing. this is one of their necklaces.. each one is handmade with locally sourced pieces, unique with little charms and layers of detail perfect for festival styling.. they remind me of wandering around the markets of india, such lovely vibrant pieces.

I have no room in my kitchen cupboard for new cups... yet somehow I always end up leaving cath kidston with some new additions. I will squeeze them in in somehow!!!

I love sweets, I love nail polish.. combine the two and you have an excited me! models own are brilliant for coming up with new ideas, these retro little bottles of scented polish with their scratch and sniff labels are brilliantly cute. I'll swatch these soon so keep an eye on my instagram.. the black scented liquorish polish and  hot pink gumball are my instant colour favourites. 

The other three (pear drops, fizzy cola bottle and rhubarb and custard) contain glitter so I'm not as sold on those, for some reason coloured glitter polishes never really float my boat.. you can't win them all!

nail art fimo pieces

primark have delivered the most affordable nail art accessories ever! I bought some of these for a friend and had to grab another for myself.. a whole wheel of cute little design just waiting to be stuck onto my manicure.. easy peasy (lazy) nails!

I love buying fabric! I have a whole stash of it still waiting to be used for projects but I still couldn't resist grabbing some more. how pretty is this paisley print though? 

iPhone case h&m, popcult stationery*

I loved this phone case and so it fell into my basket along with a few other items! ..and how AMAZE are these pencils? these really ticked me.. you can find them at la la lands shop here along with some other offerings from orange is the new black, clueless and my personal fave.. mrs ryan gosling!

french pharmacy haul from my lovely bf

james cycled from london to paris recently and I was so goddamn proud of him! (as someone who's idea of exercise is a brisk sit down his level of fitness is a thing of wonder to me) he also brought me home some french skincare that I've wanted for ages.. yippee. I'll report back on these after a few weeks of use.. 

h&m rings, postcards

I love grabbing these minimal rings, they don't last forever but they wear pretty well. I tend to go for gold jewellery but these plain silver chunky rings are perfect for dressing up a simple outfit..

and another postcard for my collection.. you can never have enough random postcards in my book!

has anything caught your eye..?

caroline x

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  1. Such awesome stuff! Those cups and nail art accessories are SO adorable!!

  2. Love the nailpolish shades and those mugs are so cute !

    Madeline | Its a Mads Mads World

  3. Everything! What a great collection of goodies : )

    Faded Windmills

  4. Hahaha, the pencils! Bloody love 'em!

    Cityscape Bliss // How to have dreams about unicorns?

  5. Those Cath Kidston mugs are just the absolute cutest x

  6. Lovin' those pencils, I think I have to have the Clueless set! Meabh

  7. All such lovely things, especially the Cath Kidston Mugs- so cute! The pencils made me laugh too haha!!
    Emma xo Wallflower Wardrobe

  8. I love the necklaces, and the mugs and the nail polish! What a lovely post! x


  9. I wish I had ALL of Cath Kidston's mugs, so cute~

    LIVE . IN . LOVE


  10. The pattern of the fabric is so pretty - I'd love to see what you make with it. I have been after some plain rings like that for a while too x

  11. Those nail art accessories from primark are amazing! Will have to get myself some of them. I have some of the pop cult pencils, I couldn't pass on some of the mean girls ones :)


  12. so adorable !!
    that boho accesories is pretty !!
    also that nail art accesories is cute !!

  13. I've really been wanting some Models Own nail polishes but they don't sell them here in Dubai! Their neon orange one is my favourite and I've been trying to get my hands on it for ages!

  14. Dude, I just spent a fortune on La La Land, those pencils are amazing. Well done James for that epic cycle! Last time G went to Paris, I told him he was not to return without macarons. He delivered. That skin care looks lush.

  15. gotta love postcards! also, those cups are SO pretty!

  16. Oh I love, love, love that parrot Cath Kidston Cup!
    Amy x | A Little Boat Sailing



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