photo diary | arcade fire @ hyde park

a couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to spend the evening with some of my fave bloggers and the ladies from levis.. the destination? the british summer time festival at hyde park.. the headliner? 

ARCADE FIRE!! (fangirl moment over, phew)

I saw arcade fire at hyde park a few years ago so was pretty darn excited to go and see again.. before the gig I popped down to check out the levis tailor shop.. say what? 

the tailor shop is a genius idea from the iconic denim company. ever wanted to customise or alter your denim.. well they have it all covered. scott the tailor extraordinaire will rip, sew, or stitch your demin into whatever creation you so desire. I opted for monogram badges and sweet americana custom embroidery on my 501 shorts and jacket.. I couldn't resist having some distressing thrown in.. what are shorts without a few good rips eh?

the atmosphere was in-credible.. the only thing detracting from this beautiful evening was my out of tune singing (my bad) 

we were treated to some VIP action in the backstage garden area, surrounded by dinky food vans (cheesy chip heaven) and little bars where we indulged in a few cocktails, gossiping and plenty of instagramming.. 

my dream team for the evening? some total babes.. the sassy stunner that is miss p, the babe behind what olivia did, double trouble in the form of cuties amy and naomi from two shoes, one pair and the paparazzi rascal with all the camera skills miss holly

a HUGE thank you to stephanie, zara & co.. #teamlevis for life!

my evening in one word.. RAD! 

caroline x

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