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call me crazy but shopping for homewares is as (if not more fun) than clothes shopping for me..

I find it incredibly hard to resist shopping for knick knacks and sure enough when I was last in cambridge I ended up in tiger store and picked up more things for the house! (on a serious note how could you not buy that watermelon cushion though?) I also grabbed the watermelon tray and some geometric printed bowls and beakers which are perfect for holding pens and stationery!

I also got myself another cacti (james has now resorted to eye rolling when another one arrives) but it was half price in homebase and looked so lonely I decided it needed a few friends.. wink.

hand painted bowls | sainsburys instore
kilner handle glass jar | the range
world wall map | the works

I also picked up these gorgeous hand painted bowls in sainsburys, they were on offer at the time and remind me of my urban outfitters ones. I think they'll be great for bbq-ing as I love to put all my salads and sides in lots of miss matched bowls and scatter them around the table.

I also found these kilner drinking glasses with handles which are great for milkshakes and cocktails mine are from the range but I think theses are quite widely available! you might also spy a big world map.. maybe it's my inner geography geek coming out here but I've wanted a big retro world map for my house for a while now.. I couldn't resist snapping it up when I saw it.

planter, cacti, poodle | urban outfitters (c/o)

I also had a rather exciting delivery from urban outfitters! their home and gift section is heaven sent and a particular favourite of mine (and james) for browsing especially since we moved in together. unsurprising when these arrived from their urban grow range I pretty much squealed the house down in glee. the cacti vase is pretty wicked in it's own right and perfect for a cacti addict like myself.. who even needs to add flowers? the smiley planter made a perfect home for my succulent and I've also been growing some of their sunflowers (I'm pleased to report that they are all still alive.. bonus!)

..and well what can I say a poodle watering can? my weekly watering of houseplants just got a hell of a lot more fun.

has anything caught your eye.. do you like my new homewares too?

caroline x

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