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well there's certainly been a lot of buzz around a certain eyeliner.

yep I'm taking about benefits latest addition to the they're real family.. the push up liner! I have to say I've been beyond curious about this little invention.

the first time I used this was in a car (it was stationary.. I'm not that skilled) when I arrived late to my friends wedding. trust me I was nervous, I had no make up remover so if it went wrong I would have been in a bit of a pickle. I'm not sure if it was beginners luck but I managed to create perfectly winged eyes... hallelujah.

I didn't have the same luck on my second attempt and so the story goes.. I either nail it or I'm slightly out!! I have to take some of the blame for this, you do need to get used to the angle of the applicator and I'm not always in the mood to concentrate.

the tip really does get right into the nook of your eyelashes unlike most eyeliners and it does give me the straightest, neatest line of any eyeliner I've tried (but occasionally I do end up with a thinker line than intended..)

it's heavily pigmented and matte which is a big tick for me, not having to use a brush is another bonus. I've used it nearly every day for the last few weeks and it's staying power deserves some credit  (they've also released a they're real remover to take off this liner but I can't see myself buying that. I haven't found anything that my one step facial cleaner from clarins hasn't defeated)

benefit they're real push up liner*

overall a nice little addition, if you're after chung-esque flicks then this is one to watch. 

on the down side sometimes I find it dries quickly so don't hang around.. and don't over twist the end or you'll end up with too much gel liner to work with!

have you tried it.. what did you think?

caroline x

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