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I think my skin knows when I have a big night planned.. sure enough right on cue a zit the size of a small country suddenly appears on my face.. every. time.

when I sense my skin starting to go awry there's a fail safe combination that's become a bit of a life saver/zit butt kicker -my origins clear improvement mask and antipodes serum.

amazingly the clear improvements mask is my first EVER origins purchase! (I know, late to the party as always) my experience of face masks in my teens put me off for years.. those 99p sachets always left me with horrible break outs (people telling me it was the impurities coming to the surface put me off even more, I was quite happy for them to stay hidden thank you!)

this one however has restored my faith.. phew! the combination of charcoal, china clay and lecithin act as a magnet helping to clear pores so it's best applied immediately after holding a warm flannel to your face to open them right up. I've found it has a wonderful calming effect on my skin as well as leaving it baby soft. the other reason I love it? because my make up applies beautifully the next day.. what a hero.

after the mask my skin is a little thirsty and tight so I liberally lather on the antipodes skin plumping serum, it's so light and hydrating my skin literally drinks it up. if like me you're not a fan of thick heavy creams this is a great alternative, it's an organic oil free water charged serum that's light as air (and also rather delicious at cooling a sunburned face! 

I also use this serum to prep my skin before I apply make up in the morning, I find primers too heavy a layer and this evens out any dry patches before my foundation goes on.

the two have become my first line of defence when I feel my skin taking a turn for the worse, I'm thinking of investing in some more origins so if you have any recommendations let me know! 

caroline x
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