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a few weeks ago I popped down to sketch in london to meet up with some of my favourite bloggers to find out a little more about antipodes organic natural skincare. we enjoyed afternoon tea with their founder elizabeth (a hugely inspiring woman) and I covered myself in a selection of plumping serums and hydrating moisturisers (yup...eating and working might just be the best ever combo!)

antipodes performance plus mineral foundation with spf 15*

the one item I wasn't sure I would enjoy was the mineral foundation, I've not used powder foundation since my teens so I wasn't convinced.. I have to say I've been converted! I've been using the performance plus foundation  for the last fortnight and I don't think I'll be swayed back to wearing liquid foundation for some time to come. 

I love how light it feels on my skin, it's perfect for daily wear particularly in the summer months when feeling like I'm 'wearing' foundation is my pet hate. as someone prone to oily skin I love how this doesn't feel like it will slip, it feels almost fresh in comparison to my usual liquid foundation so I barely feel like I'm wearing make up at all. 

when I apply this foundation I can't see any immediate difference but by the time I've finished some kind of miracle happens and the overall effect is soft and dewy. with the help of my concealer to touch up any blemishes I have just enough coverage to get me through the day plus I've noticed that my skin tone is nice and even in natural daylight! I always apply moisturiser first but be warned it's quite a messy process.. I always end up with some of it on my table after I've swirled my brush around in the lid! 

(ps. you'll be pleased to know that like their skincare this make up is also dermatologically approved for more sensitive skin types.)

skin brightening finishing powder*

my final thumbs up goes to the skin brightening finishing powder.. it's a translucent finishing powder with a beautiful soft glow. I'm usually wary of anything that looks 'shimmery' at first sight (with my oily skin I fear I'll end up looking super duper shiny) but a small amount of this swept over my face in particular my cheekbones leaves a lovely subtle radiance.. I'd recommend this as a product to wear over any foundation liquid or mineral!

have you tried any antipodes make up?

caroline x

you can find antipodes in stocked in selfridges, whole foods, feel unique, planet organic and harrods pharmacy.
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