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topshop sunglasses + glitter socks

I've had these for a while but forgot to include them in my last round up duh! when I'm trying to resist the urge to buy EVERYTHING in topshop I'll buy little bits to satisfy my shopping urges.. this time it was in the form of glitter socks (total mush have right?) and sunglasses!

label m honey and oat conditioner

I fancied splashing out on some new conditioner so picked up this label m one as I've used a few of their products before. it smells lovely and has left my hair nice and shiny but for £15 a bottle I'm not overwhelmed by it (possibly not one I'd repurchase but I would consider opt for one of their intensive conditioners instead!)

soap and glory scrubs and hand cream

if there's one thing I don't need it's more hand cream but boots 3 for 2 turns me into a crazy person. I figured I could use it as a foot cream instead as my burts bees one ran out last month.. any excuse! the flake away body scrub is an old favourite of mine for fake tanning skin prep but the new addition for me is their breakfast scrub.. HOLY LORD this stuff should not be legal!! I've already considered eating it numerous times as it smells like pancakes and maple syrup.. it's also brilliant at buffing my skin so I'm finding all kinds of excuses to jump in the shower this week.

pop 3 lomography camera

I hold ellie fully responsible for my purchase of this camera! it's pretty awesome though as it has 9 lenses.. 9 people! because of this you get an cool repeating image on each snap when the film is developed .. take a peek at ellies full post here to see what I'm rambling on about (ellies blog is pretty damn amaze so it's well worth a stalker-ish browse) I also love that this camera is gold.. PIMPIN'

lip crayons

more results from my boots rampage.. this time lip crayons! I love lipstick but I find it a bit high maintenance (due to my annoying lip chewing habit I never seem to be able to keep it on for long!) I always seem to have chapped lips at the minute so most mornings I skip the lipstick and opt for something a bit more easy peasy in the form of these little rascals. I tend to apply them then rub them off slightly so they just stain my lips before applying lip balm or gloss.

from left to right these are rimmel colour rush balm in boom chic a boom and rumour has it, revlon colourburst lacquer balm in provocateur femme fatale and maxfactor lipfinity lip tint in 06.

the maxfactor tint isn't really a crayon it applies more like a felt pen but the stain is intence and longer lasting.. perfect for nights out. I've found no real difference between the rimmel and revlon crayons and the rimmel ones are only £6 (I think superdrug has a buy one get one half price offer at the minute) I'd love to try the matte ones but I know old habit die hard and I'll always come back to the glossier ones as they're easier for me to wear.. 

have you tried any of these? 

back soon!

caroline x

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  1. I really want some of those sunglasses for summer, they're gorgeous!
    The Lipstick, The Girl and Her Wardrobe

  2. I just can't take my eyes off of those sunglasses, so flipping gorgeous! x

  3. Those socks are perfect for summer!

  4. Can't get enough of Topshop sunglasses! Also love the Revlon lip balm stain range~



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  6. Those Topshop socks are so so cute! Also loving Soap & Glory so much at the moment, I'll have to try a scrub!! xxx

  7. The camera looks interesting, I'm off to check out Ellie's post as soon as I've finished writing this : )
    Label M are one of my favourite brands of haircare but I always stay away rom buying pricey shampoos as I get through them far too quickly!


  8. The sunglasses and glitter socks are to die hard! Especially those round frames (:

    Yuen @ The Craziest Paradigm - fashion, beauty + lifestyle

  9. loving those sunglasses! really like the colours of the lip crayons too.

  10. The lip crayons look really nice, I want to try the Rimmel ones :)
    Amy x | A Little Boat Sailing

  11. Yeah, the topshop sunglasses are really great. Immediately go in the wish list :))

    Carpet Cleaners Bromley



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