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I'm always excited when models own release a new collection and this latest range is my favourite so far. I adore pastel shades so I was pretty darn happy when this trio arrived for me to play with!

so what's the big deal? well the hyper gel polishes are created to give a salon finish shine without the need for UV..  quite simply you can have the look of a professional gel manicure for a lot less effort (sounds good huh?) they're highly pigmented so with most of them you only need one coat (two max) and so far I've found them to be quite chip resistant.. winner.
hyper gel swatches

this is a beautiful shade and it's also the one that gives the glossiest shiny result (it's very similar to their beth's blue which is one of my all time favourite nail polishes) 
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this is a classic pale pink polish, it applies well and is a colour I'll use a lot as it's simple, clean and feminine. I wore this for 3-4 days without chipping when I was away last week (I always recommend a clear top coat if you're a serial chipper like me!)
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I love a good nude and this is my new fave! on days when I can't decide on a nail colour to wear I always opt for a basic shade like this (I think everyone needs a nude like this in their polish collection..)

overall I'm impressed with the super glossy finish of these polishes, you can achieve a gel manicure effect for the fraction of a cost whilst snuggled on your sofa.. any product that enables me to stay in my onesie for the evening is awarded extra brownie points from me. 

the hyper gels are a welcome addition to my (indecently large) models own collection! my only minor gripe with them? I find they take slightly longer to dry than their normal polishes.

they launched in bottleshops today and will be rolled out over the month or so in stores.. keep your eyes peeled for availability online too!

what do you think to them...did you pick anything up in the models own sale this month? 

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