DIY tote bag project: cricut mini

I finally had a chance to do a little craft project over the weekend... yippee!

I wanted to show you a new gadget I've been testing called a cricut mini, it's about the best darn thing ever invented... seriously (it's amazing!!)

the cricut mini is bacically a compact cutting machine; if you're a crafty person who likes to get creative then this little miracle worker is a dream come true. there are SO many things you can use this machine for I thought I would show you a simple little project to demonstrate how it works..
 I love a good tote bag project so that's where I began...

to get started you use a free piece of software called the cricut craft room where you'll see a virtual model of your cutting mat. simply place the images/fonts/templates onto this virtual mat and it will tell the cricut what and where to cut! (you'll only have access to basic templates and fonts to begin but you can purchase additional cartridges to access more) 
I've used an iron on heat transfer film for this project which you lay onto the cutting mat and place into the cricut (the iron on film comes with instructions which are easy to follow) once you decide on your image you hit the cut button and the cricut gets to work in minutes! if you try this project make sure to flip the image so it prints backwards (as a mirror image) or the letters will be the wrong way round! 
peel off the excess to reveal perfectly cut out letters, then weed out any additional shapes from inside the letters.
remove the lettering and place onto position on your tote bag, you need to iron the letters on next, just remember to place a cloth over the letters to protect them as you apply the heat. 

remove the protective film from the letters to finish, hurrah!
 there you have it; a simple iron on project that takes less then an hour!
(it's now installed in the bedroom..  here's hoping the boy will throw his dirty socks inside so I'm not finding them hiding all around the house!)

there are so many projects you can use the cricut for, the obvious ones being card making and scrapbooking as you can cut shapes from all types of paper and card and really play around with fonts and designs. I was a little nervous about using the software but it's really easy to operate and after your first cut you'll quickly become addicted, geeky but true! 

there are some other cute projects I'm also looking forward to trying; vinyl wall stickers, food/jar labels, personalised phone cases! I'll keep you updated...

do you have a cricut or a cricut mini? have you found it as fun to use as me?

caroline x

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  1. We'll be buying one of these, like, NOW!!!


  2. Wow, that looks so good! I think I know what I'll be asking for this Christmas!

    Leanne xx |

  3. Making your own tote bag designs sounds so fun!



  4. Love this , and bags like this are so handy to have around :)


  5. love this i wantt a cricut mini!

  6. I've wanted one of these for ages and am getting one for Christmas. Already purchased a few cartridges (including a Disney one!) - can't wait to cut some vinyl too



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