paisley nail art: getting artsy for anxiety

models own black nail art pen
today's nail art post is a little bit different.

I'm taking part in 'getting artsy for anxiety' a collaboration with molly at lyon notes and some other wonderful bloggers..

molly is raising awareness for mental health; in particular anxiety and depression. I think it's a subject that has touched most of our lives in varying forms whether through personal experience or through our wider circle of friends and family.

we're each posting a nail art to reflect our personalities, I opted for a stark black and white combination at first glance a simple pairing but I added the paisley design to reflect my life; more tangled and complicated up close.

the message behind the collaboration is a simple concept; be comfortable with who you are and what you've experienced, don't be afraid to speak up- you're not alone.

if you'd like to be involved please pop over to molly's blog; there's a series of bloggers taking part who'll be posting over the next few weeks.

big love

caroline x


  1. Such a lovely thing to do and a creative twist to raising awareness!

  2. I love love love, this! I really want to try it :)

    Love the post

  3. This is such a great idea, love the paisley print as well. I've got a new found love for nail art and DIY manicures so I might just give this a go! xxx

  4. Your nails look amazing! This is a really good idea, I suffer from anxiety and severe depression and I feel that mental illness is something we need to talk about so much more! x

  5. love the print, and have a friend affected by anxiety, definitely needs more awareness :)

  6. I love the pattern. This is such a great idea, I think I'll get involved too :)

    Water Painted Dreams

  7. beautiful effect and a really unique way to raise awareness - great idea!

  8. Ahhh, those nails are so chic! :D

  9. Good cause, really important message in a really current and accessible way, go team!


  10. These are so beautiful Caroline! This is such a lovely cause, and an amazing thing to be raising awareness of! x

  11. This looks amazing! I wish I was this good at nail art. I just don't have the patience to do such an intricate design x

  12. So amazing, wish I had as steady of a hand!

  13. What a great design! :)

    I've taken part in the tag, my post is -

    if you fancy a look! :)


  14. A fantastic nail design for a fantastic cause :) great post!
    Amy x
    -A Little Boat Sailing-

  15. Such a fab cause and a great way to express yourself!I love the design on you manage to freehand the design on both hands?



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