paisley nail art: getting artsy for anxiety

models own black nail art pen
today's nail art post is a little bit different.

I'm taking part in 'getting artsy for anxiety' a collaboration with molly at lyon notes and some other wonderful bloggers..

molly is raising awareness for mental health; in particular anxiety and depression. I think it's a subject that has touched most of our lives in varying forms whether through personal experience or through our wider circle of friends and family.

we're each posting a nail art to reflect our personalities, I opted for a stark black and white combination at first glance a simple pairing but I added the paisley design to reflect my life; more tangled and complicated up close.

the message behind the collaboration is a simple concept; be comfortable with who you are and what you've experienced, don't be afraid to speak up- you're not alone.

if you'd like to be involved please pop over to molly's blog; there's a series of bloggers taking part who'll be posting over the next few weeks.

big love

caroline x