DIY chain strap cami top:

I thought I'd show you a really easy little DIY for those cami tops we've all been buying this summer!

it's a simple update for strappy tops and perfect wear for nights out (it's so basic even the most sew-phobic can get involved!)

here's how I made mine:
the most important items are a simple cami top and a length of chain, the pliers are just used to open the chain links!
cut the straps off your cami and lay them out flat; use your pliers to open the links on chain and cut into two equal lengths (use the original straps as a guide to the length)
take a needle and thread and simply sew the chain lengths onto the cami where the original straps were; you're just replacing the fabric straps with chain ones!
there you have it; a simple twist on a basic cami top! 

what do you think? would you try this yourself?

caroline x