easy leopard print nail art:

I actually painted these nails a while ago!

I'd thought I'd pop them up so you could see them before they disappeared into the nail art archives never to be seen again!

I used a beautiful shade called nebline from the maybelline colour show range. the colour is a perfect pastel pink but that's the only positive I have for this polish as I found the formula really disappointing! 

I've only used two colours from this range and both needed an excessive amount of coats for full opacity (I found the yellow in the colour show range needed at least 5 coats!) 

(the price range is very affordable at £2.99 but I have to say for the same price range I'd rather invest in a barry m polish) 
I've gone for a basic leopard/animal print which is great for beginners! 

I began by drawing silver circles and then just outlined them with a black nail art pen once they dried. add a few random dots here and there to break up the spaces and seal with topcoat! (don't worry about perfection- these nails can be a little messier than other designs as animal print isn't a uniform pattern!)

there's so many fun variations you can try with these you don't have to use the colours I have; I also love white nails with rainbow leopard print!

I hope you've all had a good week so far?

I'm counting down the hours until the weekend as my friend is getting married *squeal* cue copious amounts of booze and dancing like an idiot..

wish me (and my liver) luck!

caroline x