DIY fabric covered plant pots:

today I have an incredibly easy DIY for you!

covering planters in fabric is a great way to decorate boring old pots and inject some fun into your decor. it's also quick and easy (my favourite combination) so even the laziest of DIY-ers could try this one!

you'll only need a few things:
terracotta planters work best for this craft project (glazed pots and PVA don't adhere well) I picked up this little pot for 75p in my local garden center! you'll also need a square of fabric, PVA glue and some scissors.
first check your fabric to fits around your pot (you'll need the leave a few inches of excess to wrap over the rim and base) I found it easiest to work with a square shape of fabric rather than an rectangle as when you wrap you'll turn the pot diagonally. 

brush on PVA glue to a small section of the pot and start to apply the fabric. simply work your way around the pot applying the PVA glue in sections followed by fabric (don't cover the entire pot with glue in one go but work in sections smoothing out the fabric as you apply to remove any air bubbles)
once the body of the pot is covered with fabric, trim off any excess but leave 1-2 inches of overlap. you'll need to fold this excess over the rim of the pot to tidy up the edges (cut slits along the excess as this will help to minimise wrinkling of the fabric when you fold it over) apply some PVA glue inside the rim and tuck over the fabric smoothing it down as before.
once the fabric is folded over the rim and base of the pot you can tidy up and rough edges and leave to dry.
pop in your plant and you're good to go!

...I'm going to buy myself a few new succulents and make a family for my desk!

what do you think? is this something you'd try?

caroline x

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