DIY daisy trim dress:

I saw a gorgeous dress on the motel website.. baby doll shape.. cute daisy trimming.. yep it was a keeper. 
however it occured to me I could probably make my own version for a fraction of the the price, I love it when a (thrifty) plan comes together!

I went out to explore my local haberdashery and to my delight discovered the very same daisy trim.. mission accomplished! 

so here's how I made my own easy peasy DIY daisy dress.. if you want to upcycle some of your wardrobe here's the basic steps:
  • you'll need approx 1.5 meters of daisy trimming (available on eBay)
  • an old dress (I've used an old topshop basic jersey dress)
  • a needle and thread 

decide where you want to add the daisies to your dress and pin the trim down to hold it in place. using a needle and thread sew the trim to secure it, repeat for all sections and remove any remaining pins. 
that's it you're all finished! very quick, very easy and the perfect way to give an old dress, shorts or tee a new lease of life!
I hope you like it.. do you think you'd try it too?

caroline x

ps, voting for the cosmo blog awards is still open; if you've enjoyed this little DIY I'd love for you to vote for burkatron in the 'best craft blog' category here -thank you to the lovely people that have spared a minute to vote so far!! :)