laura ashley floral nail art tutorial:

I was so excited to create some nail art for laura ashley recently! they're one of my favourite stores and their home department kick started my love affair with all things floral when I worked for them as a teen. 

the lovely peeps asked if I could create some nail art inspired by their fabric and wallpaper designs; I couldn't have asked for a more fun project! the hardest part was picking from their range of adorable vintage inspired collections but I finally settled on their clarissa print- a gorgeous pink, yellow and grey themed floral concoction.
so here's how I painted mine, you can follow these steps to create your own version!
Step 1: Begin by painting a pale pink/cream base colour and leave to dry. Take a dark pink polish and paint a rough circles on some of your nails.Step 2: Take a few pink nail polishes varying from dark to light in shade, you'll be using these to add depth and turn the pink circles into blooms! Wipe any excess from the polish brush and lightly sweep small stokes inside
the pink circles you painted in step 1 to suggest petals.Step 3: Take a lemon nail polish and apply several circles to alternate nails, we're now creating some yellow tone flowers. As in the previous step sweep on some darker colours in peach and pink to suggest petals.Step 4: For the final flowers start with grey circles and apply more pink and white highlights using the same petal stroke technique. You don't want the grey to be too visible, it's just to peek through as a contrast!Step 5: Finish the flower design by adding the green leaves! Take a dark and light green polish and dab around the flowers, it will frame the flowers and bring the whole design together. Once you're happy with your design seal well with top coat to protect it!

I hope you like them!

back soon!

caroline x