pin it forward: pinterest uk launch!

I think it's safe to say we've all heard of pinterest (in fact I'm pretty sure we're addicted to using pinterest already) but some of you may not know that pinterest is now launching here in the UK! I'm rather pleased to be one of the bloggers involved in the 'pin it forward' campaign to help spread the word and get y'all pinning!

I love pinterest, a huge virtual scrapbook of anything that inspires me! I use my boards to store inspiration for DIY projects, cute decorating ideas & recipes guaranteed to expand my waistline!

one of my most popular boards is my nail art collection (come follow me!) it's great to see people re pinning my nails and sharing them with other people to try.. I also pin nail art designs that I'd like to try for future inspiration!

I know many of you will already be pin-happy members but for any of you that haven't joined pinterest it's basically a tool that allows you to collect and organise the things you love! it's super easy to use and guaranteed to get you inspired.

lets say you're planning a wedding... create a board dedicated to it and 'pin' pictures from around the web into your personal board. keep all those dresses, cakes, invitation ideas & colour schemes in one place for easy reference

(ps. james stop hyperventilating- I don't have a secret wedding board up my sleeve!)

if you aren't a member you really must try it for yourself it's too much fun!! you can sign up on this registration link & we'll automatically be pinterest buddies.. yipee!

in the spirit of pinning it forward I'm also introducing you to tom! there's really not enough boy blogs out there in my opinion and his blog is really cute! you can check out his little slice of the internet at daydream in blue ...try and resist his hummus recipe if you dare!

hope to see you on there soon! you can find me here!- happy pinning!

caroline x


  1. Oh I love pinterest! It's so fun, and everything is just so pretty and lovely! Your boards are all so wonderful Caroline! xxx

  2. Thanks for participating in Pin It Forward, Caroline! I can't stop looking through your nail art board- it's filled with amazing design inspirations and unique patterns! I have to try the neon nail art confetti tutorial- this looks really fun! Lauren, Community Coordinator

  3. I love interest so much! I am a bit addicted and I love all your boards! xxx

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 

  4. I'm so addicted to Pinterest! I can spend hours on there xx

    D Is For...



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