my week in pictures:

since I'm feeling a little under the weather today I thought I'd pop up a little instagram post! I'm currently dog/house sitting so I've had a really nice (and for once) peaceful afternoon making some DIY projects which has really perked me up... yipee!

so here's some little snaps of what I've been up to! feel free to follow me on instagram I go by the name burkatron on there too!
out for lunch, my first blissful pear cider in the sun this year! | my casetagram arrived, I'm putting up a post about this soon and there's a little something in it for you guys too! | nothing beats ice lollies and bare feet right? |  h&m jewellery | pretty street displays in stamford | mussels & white wine for dinner, yum!
finally got my barry m gelly on! | this is what a giant filling looks like.. I'd rather it was still in my tooth *sobs* | lunching | sun catching | shoe organising.. boots out sandals in! | illamasqua goodies! swatches to come.. stay tuned!

I'll back soon... happy weekend guys!

caroline x