some of the best iPhone cases!

confession time... 

I'm a closet phone case hoarder (especially the novelty ones!)

I'm usually trying to stick to some semblance of a budget but sometimes the urge to buy something is huge! on these occasions I like to get a quick retail fix of something small to ease the demons until pay day.

iPhone cases are my go-to when I want to treat myself but funds are tight! eBay and amazon are my favourite hunting grounds but I've discovered some awesome cases on my searches; these are my favourite at the minute (I have the lego one on my phone today) and I thought I'd share them with you!

obviously we all have different phones so I apologise for just showing iPhones here! I have a 4s (not cool enough for the 5 gang yet!) but some of these are available for different versions!

which one is your favourite? I'm itching to get the pineapple cover and I've been debating a casetagram cover for my instagram photos for ages...what do you think I should go for next? 

hope you enjoyed this random little post; I'm not normally one for writing wishlists (I usually end up fighting myself  not to buy everything so they give me the fear!) 

...maybe I'll venture into a few more if you guys like them so let me know! also if you have any recommendations of cases or websites let me know, I'm always looking for my next novelty cover!

back soon!

caroline x