NYC instagram photo diary:

a bumper instagram post today! 

apologies for the epic amount of pictures; I always take millions of snaps when I go away and this was a trip I've been dreaming of for YEARS (no joke, I was a big kid)

I wanted to share some of the best places we went to eat as a few of them aren't really in the guide books; plus I did so much research before I went I thought it would be a waste not to share it with you! lots of you have asked for my recommendations so I'll pop them in at the end of the post.. 
take off! | 5th avenue, I was really excited about seeing the famous yellow taxis and they are literally everywhere! | Chrysler building! my favourite of the famous skyscrapers especially at night when the art deco design is lit up! |  washington square | eataly food market | on the statten island ferry- it's free and you get good views of the statue of liberty! | meatpacking district- great bars, this is the place to go at night! | times square | urban outfitters shopping
museum of modern art (moma) | kiosk entrance- one of my favourite shops downtown | the high line, worth a stroll along in the summer | flatiron building | warhol at moma | ed's lobster bar | flea market | eat italy deli selection | new york stock exchange |
ice skating at the rockefeller | more gallery visits | I loved taking street shots | brooklyn bridge | james and I | tea break | moma | central park in the snow | hells kitchen flea market
grand central | french toast at clinton st bakery | financial district | snacks, I'm obsessed with american sweets!  | empire state building | shake shack | eating hot dogs and playing space invaders at crif dogs & PDT | art installations | ridin' the subway

so aside from the obvious sights of new york (times square, empire state, flatiron, chrysler, statue of liberty etc and the emotional 9/11 memorial) there's a million things to see and do. 

each day we picked an area and went off to explore; we'd made a notebook of what we wanted to see in each district (being a bit organised in advance made it a breeze)

so if you're planning a trip these are some foodie places you should DEFINITELY visit (follow the links for the locations etc)

clinton street baking co: one of the best brunch stops in the city, like all the best eateries you'll probably find a queue so leave your name/book a table and go off and shop for an hour! trust me the pancakes & brioche french toast are the best I've ever eaten!!

crif dogs: this place is brilliant! teeny tiny, dark and shaking with old school r'n'b tunes. home of NYC's best wiener but don't expect frills; you'll get a hot dog on a paper plate and you'll eat it off a space invaders table it's hipster with a capital H! you may see a queue for a phone booth inside this 'special' phone is used to gain access to the secret cocktail bar called PDT behind the sliding booth door 

eataly: looks like a small delicatessen until you walk through and an enormous market appears before your eyes! stop and sample the most amazing cheeses and meats at the independent restaurants with a glass of prosecco at lunchtime (a real treat and great for photo's too!)

ed's lobster bar: if you don't like lobster probably not the place for you! if however you do get yo' ass to soho to sit behind the bar and tuck into the most amazing food ever! the fresh buttered lobster roll is nothing short of divine and quite rightly their signature dish! (the lobster ravioli is also jaw dropping -I kept stealing bites from my bf!) seriously tasty.

shake shack: burger lover? you'll probably have heard of this place but it's really a must try! freshly made patties and mouthwatering milkshakes (the peanut butter & vanilla are gorgeous) you may have to queue at peak times but not for long as it's a fast turnaround. 

katz delicatessen: this will be on every tourist agenda (remember that scene from when harry met sally? it was filmed here) but serious fun so you should definitely pay them a visit. be prepared the bustle is non stop and the famous rueben sandwich (it's been on man vs food so you know it's big!!) is the hardest thing I've ever tried to eat.

spice market in the meatpacking district this is a great restaurant because of the decor and atmosphere; we went without reservations and managed to get a chef's table which was pretty awesome. we watched them cook whilst we sipped on cocktails and generally drooled over the incredible smells of fresh spices!

food aside (there is more I could ramble on about) the other thing I'd really recommend is the flea markets (SERIOUSLY BRILLIANT) I went to the hells kitchen flea and it was one of my highlights, full of incredible vintage clothes and accessories. I found the vintage clothing shops massively overpriced in new york so the flea markets really made up for it. don't be afraid to haggle; the brooklyn flea is the biggest and best so definitely worth the trip if you're over there at the weekend! 

I'll wrap it up there before you're all comatose...zzzzzzz! If anyone is visiting this year feel free to ask me any questions, I'd love to help!

back soon!

caroline x


  1. This looks amazing!! so jealous! Have wanted to go to New York for years x

  2. So many lovely photos! I am incredibly jealous xx

    Cupcakes And Cocaine

  3. Love love love these photos! Me and my boyfriend are hoping to take a trip to NY next year. Any recommendations?

    Lindsey. x

    1. omg get comfy shoes- I've never walked so much in my life!!! grab a subway pass for a week (or however long you are staying) its loads cheaper and not too hard to figure out! but taxi's are also cheap short distance so we used the subway for longer trips!

      you should go to the museums (moma, guggenheim etc but budget for them as they're not free) take the statten island ferry to see the statue of liberty- it's free rather then paying £30 to do the tourist boat trip (but the tourist boat does take you closer so depends if you want a better picture!) the ferry is good fun though!

      shopping is everywhere you'll find the big department stores easily (mostly in midtown/uptown) but funky small independent shops are mostly downtown (soho, tribecca etc)

      uptown is traditional old wealthy new york- central park, barneys etc.

      midtown is busy and bright- times square, shopping etc, there's great rooftop bars with views of the empire state building.

      downtown is coolest- funky shops, good nightlife, what I expected nyc to be like. meatpacking distict is great at night!

      get a good guide book we used the new york time out guide 2013 and it had loads of handy info and it's not too big so you can read it and get a good idea of what to do before you go!

      let me know if there's anything specific you have in mind I'll try and help :) xx

  4. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun! You guys should have tried Virgil's though! Their BBQ is awesome.

  5. I'm glad you had fun! I'm from NYC so seeing others enjoy the city I enjoy everyday is so great! | bloglovin

  6. Looks like you had a lovely time.. I really want to travel America sometime, Just looks so god damn amazing!! & even better through Instagram! ha. Love your pics x

  7. I'm rather a scardy cat when it comes to flying but I must admit there are two places where I will put a brave face on and brave the plane to get there, those being Japan and New York.

    You look like you had such a good time :) I would love the opportunity to go one day.

    Amy xx
    A Little Boat Sailing

    1. i want to go to japan so BADLY!!!! it's so bloody expensive to fly there though :0 XX

  8. SNAPPLE is the best ever!!!!!

  9. Gorgeous pictures, I'm very jealous I would love to visit New York :)

  10. I'm incredibly jealous, I've wanted to visit New York for years, it looks amazing! This is such a useful post, ed's lobster bar sounds like heaven! xxx

  11. Sooooooo jealous - pics look fab! xoxo

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