land of soap and glory:

my skins felt so dry lately I decided to make a princess skin action plan... it's been ages since I've taken advantage of a boots 3 for 2 offer so I though it was high time to indulge myself with a little pampering session!

after a 10 minute debate over the entire range of soap & glory products I opted for the following three:

whipped clean:

my new favourite, this is a cream wash shower butter; it smells of vanilla, pistachio and almond (delicious) and you only need a small amount to create a really sudsy lather! it's definitely a good alternative to shaving foam as well as it's 25% oils and butters so is nice and moisturising on your legs. 

flake away:

I've used this before in a miniature size so already knew I like this scrub (my all time favourite is still the lush's brilliantly named buffy the backside slayer but this is quite high on my list and the 3 for 2 offers makes it a good option!) 

flake away has a good amount of texture without being too rough on your skin (for extra exfoliating action I use it straight onto dry skin and then jump into the shower!) the scent is lovely but hard to describe, if I had to narrow it down I'd guess peaches! I use a lot of this so I can see this one running out fast even though it's a big tub.

smoothie star:

I really love the smell of this moisturiser, it reminds me of golden syrup on porridge, mmmmm almost good enough to eat (officially the scent is almond, oats and brown sugar!)

the first night I tried this I slathered on so much I was rather sticky and uncomfortable for rest of the evening (hate that!) it does however sink in quickly if you don't go overboard! I've been putting it on straight out of the tub when my skin is warm and the results have been good, my skin feels hydrated again (take that winter!) and it's such a big bottle I think it will last me ages...bonus!

all in all I give my latest soap & glory purchases a big thumbs up!

have you tried any of the range? what did you think?

caroline x