behind the scenes at look magazine!


a lot of it. 

yep this was predominately the noise echoing around my house when I received an email from look magazine informing me I was one of the winners of their nationwide style search competition! 

beyond exciting!!! have you ever uploaded an outfit to the 'what I'm wearing' section of the look website? why not? that's what I did and I won an amazing experience! 

the prizes were nothing short of incredible: a samsung galaxy SIII smart phone, £250 to spend in new look,,an all expenses trip to london with my other half and best of all (drum roll please....) the opportunity to style a model for the annual look catwalk show!!!

when I arrived at look HQ I nearly died.

clothes, shoes, fashion... literally everywhere! yikes! the atmosphere was incredible; the team was beavering away organising the last minute details of the show. the girls were fantastic; friendly and approachable, after a gossip and some snacks they led us to one of their fashion cupboards to go wild and pick out a few outfits for the models to wear on the runway.

chaos ensued. skirts, jumpers, shoes flying as we raided the bounty on offer! 

I felt like a ninja paparazzi taking instagram snaps from behind the scenes! It was so exciting to see the models photos, polaroid outfits and rails of gorgeous fashion primed and ready to go!

I'm still dreaming about the shoes, ohhhhh the shoes.

there was cupcakes too (see, I told you it was good)

after a slight fashion frenzy I picked out my outfits. you know me I love colour; I went with my gut instinct and picked out every bold print going and clashed them all together.. hey why not! I saw a rather fetching henry holland inspired dog tooth knit and paired it with a quirky little green skirt. 

accessories I hear you ask? glitter boots of course! and a nifty little yellow satchel.

did I mention the other highlight? an in house beauty sale held by the team! praise the lord! a rather impressive haul of beauty products to choose from as little as 50p (yes fifty english pence!!)

I could barely walk out with all my treasures, so spoilt. 

that evening we enjoyed the delights of the guoman cumberland hotel (geeking out in our complementary bath robes with a glass of red and tasty desserts) before heading to fire and stone in covent garden for a feast!

I had a pizza with bacon and roast potatoes on.
yep I'm for real here, someone has actually created an irish girls dream pizza, holy lord, actual heaven.

I cant even begin to tell you how lucky I felt to get such an amazing opportunity! getting to meet the team and see everyone working was so fun and incredibly inspiring! after an excited sleepless night we rose to go and see the look show..

but I'll tell you all about that on another post..

stay tuned fashion lovers!

caroline x


  1. Wow you lucky devil you!

    Congratulations as you've posted some great stuff Caroline.

    It looks like you had a fantastic time :)

    Amy xx

    1. Ohh thanks amy, I think I love you a little bit :D xxxxx

  2. you are so lucky!
    wish i could be like you too! :))

    1. ahhh thanks honey :) will put up some pictures from the show too xxx

  3. Congratulations, saw you at the show on saturday and you looked great! Loved the model too :)


    1. No way! Really? Did you enjoy the show? Come grab me next time-we can have a gossip :) xx

  4. Congrats! Sounds like you had an amazing time - I'm super jealous! :P I love Look magazine!

    Tara xox

    1. I was a bit star struck when I was wandering around , I love look too haha! xx

  5. oh that sounds amazing, congrats hun ! xx

    1. ahh thanks kitten :) I was so lucky! wish I could do that every day aha xxx



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