american apparel nail lacquer swatches!

I'm a nail polish addict. there I said it, I hope this means I'm on the first steps to recovery (hmmmm)

as you may have guessed I'm a huge fan of models own polishes (did you all take advantage of the 50% sale? I bet you did!)

however I've had my head turned by a new kid on the block; american apparel nail lacquer! 
ok, they've actually been around for ages but I've never tried them until now.

oh lord they are preeeetttty! I splurged on three colours, they're not the cheapest coming in at £7 each (but you can get 3 for £17 which is a slight saving!)

the neon colours are beautiful, I went for the violet which I can't rave about more! sometimes it looks pink other times purple, it's pure gorgeousness in a bottle.
(the only problem to report is it has a slight matte finish so I have to wear a clear top coat to make it shiny.)

I also went for a pretty grey/blue which is really lovely; I'm having a real fling with blues and turquoise colours this month. 

lastly I nabbed a chunky glitter called galaxy, big fat rainbow coloured glitter which look rather pretty over other polishes! even though there's bucket loads of glitter the varnish is rather thick so two coats are needed for best effect.

anyway rather than me rambling on any more; have a peek yourself!

'galaxy' polish
'the valley' polish
'neon violet' polish

I think I'll be adding some more of this range onto my christmas list (if I can wait that long!)

caroline x