rio beauty nail art pen review!

as you guys know I'm obsessed with nail art! when I was contacted by rio beauty to ask if I wanted to test out some of their nail art pens I was really excited. I'm a picky reviewer and I decided when I first started blogging to only ever review products that I've purchased myself or would purchase. these pens definitely fall into that category, I've nearly bought them before but I was wary of buying a set of 8 in case I didn't like them!

boy I wish I'd got them earlier, they're really good! I tried out two sets and I'm giving both the thumbs up. they have a super fine nib for small dots/details and a long thin brush for stripes, both of which are professional quality and so easy to paint with. 

the models own pens I use at the moment need a firm pressure to get a steady flow from nib but these are really free flowing (don't squeeze too much or it gets messy!) I did my nails in record time and my hands didn't ache after.. hurrah!

if you're looking at buying a set to get started I definitely recommend the original set (pictured below) 

it contains black, white, plus all the primary colours that you'll need. (I've never had a red nail art pen so was quite excited to be able to paint hearts on my nails!)

there's also metallic silver and pink; personally I'd not get as much use out of these as the others but overall this is my favourite nail art set.

theres also a neon set (below) which is gorgeous! the blue and pinks are my favourites in this pack; you also get the basic black and white pen which are essential to most designs. 

oh I forgot to mention you also get a dvd, gold glitter and rhinestones with each pack which was a nice surprise (please note: it's not a ryan gosling dvd its just about nail art I'm afraid)

well I couldn't not share the results from my little trial.. the daisies were so quick to do with these pens! if you're looking into buying some you can check them out here ...there's also a pastel and metallic set available.

what do you think? are you in the market for some pens?

caroline x


  1. Super cute! I like the fact that they have a thing brush tip AND a dotting tip in the cap. It's like having two products in one. Thanks for the review.

  2. Your nails look so lovely! I've never bought any nail art pens but I really want to, I might look into this! x
    Sirens and Bells

  3. I've been recommended these before but never actually bought them! I always use dotting tools for mine! The original set are going on my christmas list though!


  4. I had some of these a few years ago from a set my mum bought me for christmas, but I seem to have lost them all:(

  5. Love the nails! Especially the stripes and the strawberry, so cute :)




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