DIY tie dye animal print nail art!

I actually heart these nails so had to share them with you! I'm going to watch my friend DJ this evening so wanted to try out something a little party inspired. I've been having a lot of fun sponging nails lately and was inspired by some WAH nails that looked like a tropical tie dye! 

they are easier than they look, first off paint a white base coat and leave to dry. next up pick a selection of rainbow colours to create a tie dye blend. 

cut a sponge into small pieces and begin to dab on the colours, do one nail at at  time otherwise the polish get sticky and dries out! after each nail is suitable psychedelic smooth over with a coat of clear varnish. 
dip a cotton bud into nail varnish remover and clean up any messy edges then use a nail art pen or sharpie to draw on your animal print (I used my black models own

the best park of sponging colour is it's randomness! you don't need any particular skill just a few dabs to blend the colours into each other (just don't be tempted to keep going or you'll risk blending them into one huge brown smudge!)

here's a quick overview:

I hope you guys like them! I'm looking forward to showing mine off to my friends later aha!

caroline x