craft project...patchwork quilt:

I've been working on a patchwork quilt for a long time, in fact for an age! I started making it about three years ago; it's been the longest running and most neglected craft project I've ever started! 

as I moved house I clean forgot about it for at least a year and then discovered my half finished quilt again whilst rummaging about in the attic. I've never attempted something like this before and just made up the pattern as I went along. 

as a guide I would take 16 squares of fabric and hand sew them into one large square. I kept doing this until I had lots of large patchwork squares and then I laid them out and used long strips of white fabric to join them. 

It was a real labour of love and I finally sat down and finished it this weekend. I lined the back using an old white quilt cover so I can either put a quilt inside or just use it as a throw. I'm so pleased I finally put in the last few hours of effort as I love my quilt and now I have something I can keep for years.

if you don't have the time to make a quilt you could try making a cushion instead! patchwork is a great way to use up old fabrics remnants and make something really unique. hope you like it!

caroline x