faded vintage flower nail art:

this is a really fun nail art design, mostly because it's an abstract washed out look and you don't need to be very detailed! I'll show you how I did this look.. you'll need a white nail polish, four pastel polishes, nail polish remover and a small paint brush.

first paint your nails with white polish, I used two coats of OPI alpine snow. pick four pastel nail polishes these will be the main flower colours. place a few drops of the four polishes onto some paper and add a few drops of nail polish remover to each them to dilute the colour and make it more transparent.

working quickly use your paint brush to dab on random rough circles of the diluted colours one at a time over your nails. wash the brush in nail polish remover between colours so they don't mix. then just let them dry it won't take long!

while your nails dry place a few drops of your white polish onto paper and again dilute with a few drops of nail polish remover. now just randomly add small blobs of white in the centre of your pastel flower colours. this gives your flowers a more vintage look and adds some definition. see the photos above!

when my nails had dried I took a a green/turquoise polish and using my brush just dabbed on a few random swipes around the flowers to suggest leaves. 

seal with top coat and you're done! I really like mine, they're not the most polished nails I've tried but they're really cute and I adore the old vintage fabric look they have.

right, I'm off to attempt cooking a healthy dinner (slim chance this will actually happen) and snuggle up for a lazy saturday night in my pj's. happy weekend folks!

caroline x


  1. I still can't get over how amazing you are at nail art, love this :) x

  2. you always have such amazing nail designs!! totally jealous, my hand is just about steady enough for one block colour let alone patterns and prints :)


    1. I used to prop cushions under my hands when they got wobbly haha :) xx

  3. I love them! You make it look so easy. I definitely need to try this out.



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