floral kidston nails:

so my quest to try out all my latest models own nail polishes continues! today I have been playing with my new slate grey polish. this is really pretty grey beige colour with brilliant coverage plus it's a lovely nude option for your nails.

I'm a huge lover of cath kidston fabrics and her retro floral designs, I used her provence rose pattern as my inspiration for these designs. my models own pen was perfect for the details, and I was surprised how quickly I did these nails once i started!

hope you like them! caroline x


  1. Get out, this is horrifically fabulous. I think I stared at them for about 5 minutes. Very pretty :) xx

  2. These look absolutely amazing! I honestly thought they were nail wraps when I first saw the thumb nail -- they're perfect! xx

  3. Amazing, you're really talented :) x

  4. thanks! didn't take too long you should give them a go! xx

  5. so pretty!



  6. Wow, that is awesome!! x


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