DIY boho beach hair spray:

I don't have naturally poker straight hair, mine has a tendency to go wavy and I'm not really a big fan of brushing it, the messier the better in my opinion! I love my hair when I go on holiday, when I'm not looking like a drowned rat I like the way the salt water from the beach gives it an extra bit of texture and curl. I found a recipe for sea salt spray which inspired me to make my own version! it's really easy and I'm really loving my little homemade salt spritzer...

you'll need sea salt, hair gel, alcohol and coconut oil to make the spray. I brought a empty spray bottle from the travel section in my local chemist. you can pick them up easily in boots, superdrugs etc.

add one large tablespoon of coarse sea salt (not fine) to the bottle, half fill the bottle with warm (not hot) water to dissolve the salt.

next add two tablespoon of alcohol (I used vodka) and one large tablespoon of hair gel and shake to mix. If you have coconut oil add half a spoon of this too. top up with more warm water to finish and shake well.

that's it! spray on wet or dry hair, I prefer to use it on dry hair and then scrunch and finish with a bit of hairspray to hold. you can play around with the amount of ingredients you add as these are just a guideline but it works for me!

caroline x

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  1. Thanks for this! I will do it tomorrow!



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