how to make bunting:

bunting. random I know but I fancied making something at the weekend and bunting looked easy! plus I'm sure its the queens jubilee later this year so I'm already ahead on the celebration decorations aha. here's my easy peasy guide to getting your bunt on!

cut out a triangle from card to use as a template. using your template cut out rough triangles from a selection of fabrics leaving at least 2cm sewing allowance (two triangles of fabric make one piece of bunting) I wanted 15 triangles so cut out 30 fabric triangles. 

take 2 triangles and sew together (right sides facing) along the sides, leave the top seam open. repeat on all triangles and then turn them inside out. see above pic!

I used 5 meters of cotton binding to attach my bunting. place the top of the triangles with the unfinished seam onto the cotton binding and fold over to cover any rough edges. pin the cotton firmly to the triangles and stitch along the cotton to finish.

 repeat with all the fabric triangles at regular intervals and voila your bunting is finished. I managed to make mine whilst drinking cider and fending off several of my sisters adorable children so you shouldnt have any trouble. enjoy! 

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  1. I love this.. Gonna give it a go :D xx



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