modern wood candlestick holder tutorial
how to make a modern minimal candle holder diy

in between renovating my bathroom and kitchen i've not had much time to work on DIY's but things are a-changing! we've finally finished the bathroom so i'm starting to get back into making projects rather than grouting and tiling (hurrah!!)

a few days ago i made these simple candlesticks using large wooden beads and i really like how they turned out. i'm a big fan of untreated wood but i had to urge to paint them black and i'm glad i did as they make more of a statement. i'm forever burning candles so these will be used a lot in my house, especially when people are over in the evenings!

here's how i made them:

1. the wooden beads already had a hole drilled though them but to hold a candle this needed to be widened. first up you'll need a table vice as it's not easy to drill into something round without it flying off! 

2. once you've secured the bead into the vice you can start to drill. i found it easiest to widen the existing hole using a regular wood drill bit before moving to a flat drill bit to finish (i used a size 16 flat bit for my candles.) i found the drilling a bit fiddly to start but it gets easier..

3. to finish i painted the wood with a few coats of black acrylic paint and finished with some matte varnish. pop in your candle to finish.

there you have it, a very simple candle holder from some wooden craft beads!

back soon..

caroline x


  1. These are so cute! Love how minimalistic they are~

    Vivian | LIVE . IN . LOVE
    IG | @viviyunn_


  2. They're very cool!

  3. Love how cute these are! I just strung up some beads to make a wood garland candle holder. Definitely trying this next with my extras!

    Check out the garland here:

  4. Oh I love these! They look amazing.
    Ivory Avenue

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  6. Great post
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  7. i'm forever burning candles so these will be used a lot in my house, especially when people are over in the evenings!

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