I've been working on a patchwork quilt for a long time, in fact for an age! I started making it about three years ago; it's been the longest running and most neglected craft project I've ever started! 

as I moved house I clean forgot about it for at least a year and then discovered my half finished quilt again whilst rummaging about in the attic. I've never attempted something like this before and just made up the pattern as I went along. 

as a guide I would take 16 squares of fabric and hand sew them into one large square. I kept doing this until I had lots of large patchwork squares and then I laid them out and used long strips of white fabric to join them. 

It was a real labour of love and I finally sat down and finished it this weekend. I lined the back using an old white quilt cover so I can either put a quilt inside or just use it as a throw. I'm so pleased I finally put in the last few hours of effort as I love my quilt and now I have something I can keep for years.

if you don't have the time to make a quilt you could try making a cushion instead! patchwork is a great way to use up old fabrics remnants and make something really unique. hope you like it!

caroline x


  1. I love this! Gonna make a quilt this year too, but I think I will machine stitch.

    Well done on finishing it!

    1. yes definitely- it will be a lot quicker! look forward to seeing it! :) x

  2. This looks great :) I've always wanted a patchwork quilt x

    1. thanks you! now I just need to keep my fake tan away from it haha :) xx

  3. That is amazing!
    That really makes me want to make one! I love it :)
    You're extremely talented Caroline.

    Amy xx

  4. I love it! Quilts always look so homey and comfy and warm! I have to try making one someday!

  5. Looks really good. Really great how you got it all so straight, it's really hard!

  6. Aww this is lovely! Well done!! xx

  7. That's gorgeous! So much prettier than ones I've ever seen to buy. Definitely worth the time and hardwork :)
    N xoxo

  8. This has totally inspired me to start a Patchwork Project! Do you have any advice?
    El x


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