DIY charcoal soap

how to make charcoal soap

i figured i'd start off the week with a super simple DIY. i love making soaps, they make great gifts and you get to melt stuff (which is always high on my agenda.) in the past i've generally stuck to novelty ones like this but today i'm sharing a more grown up version- detox charcoal soap!

where to source modern or minimal art prints

modern art prints ideas

i love buying art prints but after a while i realised i wasn't really buying pictures with any intention. i tended to buy things that were cheaper to scratch the itch and fill empty frames rather than investing in prints or art that cost a little more but i'd be happier with in the long run. 

we recently repainted the living room and took down the 2 gallery walls. i've decided to replace them with a few larger prints that i'm much happier with. i also decided to keep to more of a minimal look rather than a mix of colours and styles that didn't really work together. 

adding prints is such an easy way to add personality and style into your space so i thought i'd share some of my favourite places to look for them.

scandi art prints

playtype have a beautiful range of typography and modern posters that are perfect for anyone hunting for a minimal scandi space. love, love, love.

they have a nice range of posters as well as the sexiest collection of swedish home accessories online (my gothenberg and whale prints both came from grandpa) 

one of the first places i tend to check out especially if you're looking for a wide selection of modern prints.

art galleries.

i've found some of my favourite prints in the shops at art galleries. tate for instance have quite a good selection!

where to source modern prints

i adore this hello world print i had made from onehundredforty* the idea is really simple, pick one of your favourite tweets and turn it into a unique custom print! there are oodles of combinations from an awesome range of artists, designers and photographers. deciding on just one was the hardest decision i've made in ages!

minimal but playful prints from london.

be warned, their animal prints are super cute.

for simple and modern scandi posters and prints. (on that note S2 20 is a great little shop too.)

i could spend hours going through their prints, some of the shops that spring to mind are old english co for slogans and kiaco ltd for city map prints.

a great site to find and invest in original artwork from promising early career artists. 

modern art prints and the best shops to buy them

let me know if you have recommendations too.. back soon!

caroline x

modern home DIY projects

minimal DIY's, home decor ideas

happy 2017 guys. i thought i'd start off the year by sharing some seriously cute projects for your home! i love the simplicity of these DIY's- they're modern, functional and perfect for a contemporary space. 

i've had a very unproductive january so i've decided to redecorate, pop up some new shelving and undertake a life/home/work declutter. i figured the best way to get inspired is to make a few changes..? so whilst i work on getting my mojo back here's some v.nice projects for you to check out.

back soon!

caroline x