stationary love:


I'm a little obsessed with stationary.

nothing beats the feeling of a fresh notebook (I'm such a nerd I often buy them and don't use them for fear of spoiling those crisp white pages) 

I thought I'd share some of my favourite buys in a photo gallery dedicated to stationary geekdom.. hope you enjoy!
polka dot notebook with plain paper: lazy oaf
my favourite writing pens, sharpies and pilot sign pens

I'm always on the hunt for a good pen and my fave is the pilot sign pens which are perfect for scribbling down to do lists! lazy oaf have the COOLEST stationary ever, watch out you'll end up buying something I guarantee it!
washi tape: etsy

I love washi tape! it's  perfect for decorating notebooks, sticking up pictures and wrapping presents!
rhodia notebook: paperchase
kraft paper notebook: paperchase

for some reason I've always hated writing on lined paper, I like to write in plain notebooks or on graph paper! this little rhodia notebook is so retro and one of my current faves.
stamp kit: paperchase

I love stamping, it's a great way to decorate cards, letters and gift tags (it's also reminds me of potato stamping at primary school which I've apparently not outgrown!)
letter writing kit: similar cath kidston 
labels and sticker book: cath kidston

I love cath kidston stationary, the sticker set is so cute and perfect for decorating envelopes or anything else that takes your fancy. I don't really use the writing paper I just love looking at it.. weirdo.
hoebag card: topshop

I don't know which lucky recipient will end up with this card but it really tickled me so I had to buy it.
plain paper memo pads: muji

behold the most simple beautiful notebooks from the shop of temptation that is muji. god I love that place.

I've just found another shop that sells really cute journals.. I'm probably going to cave a buy a few more. if I do I'll pop them on instagram, my username is @burkatron if you want to come find me!

I know this is a slightly random post, I think the back to school displays must have triggered my notebook related issues..

I'm off to check myself in stationary rehab! 

caroline x

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  1. I'm a stationary geek too! I have a Hobbit Mole Skin notebook that I refuse to write in until I've decided what I want it for, it is etched with the map of middle earth on it :D

    I've looked at those Muji notepads before in the Birmingham store, they have such great things!

    Amy x
    -A Little Boat Sailing-

  2. that card is amazing, definitely getting that for ones of my friends birthdays:) xx

  3. I'm an absolute stationery addict! You have some great things here! I want them all.

    Check out my blog for some of the stationery I have posted.

  4. Ahhh man there totally should be a support group for stationaryholics. This post is like notebook porn. What is it about this stuff that is so appealing? And sometimes too good to write on? Haha! I totally have that too. So weird. My absolute favourite thing to buy myself (over shoes!!!!!)

    Thanks for this little hit ; )


  5. I love a good bit of stationary im going to paris this winter and paperchase has stocked me up for all my scrapbooking needs! xxx

  6. I love stationary too, new sketchbooks are my favourite, they're sooo perfect!xx

  7. Love a new notebook, but they stayed until for awhile as I fear if spoiling them!

  8. Love this post so much! I am JUST like you! I go into a store and buy so much stationary and I never know how to fill them so I just leave them do you use your small notebooks? What do you fill them with??

  9. I'm exactly the same! I went to the Beano exhibition at the South Bank centre last week and bought an £11 Beano notepad. Do I need one? NO! It's like an illness! I love the H is for Hoebag one :)

  10. I love stationary, it's the best thing about going back to college!

  11. I also share your obsession! It's just so satisfying to buy brand new stationary even if you know you really don't need another notebook. Have a look at Artbox I think you'd love it there.

  12. Love this post! I for one can also openingly admit that I l.o.v.e all things stationary. I've recently bought one of the pilot sign pens and can not get enough of it, making any excuse to write to-do-lists :) aha.. After seeing this post I think I need a few of those muji memo pads in my life!

  13. I'm addicted to stationary as well!!

    xx Leesa

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  14. I actually love stationary it's definitely my guilt pleasure!

  15. I love this post!! Im so obsessed with stationary, too many notebooks and not enough to put in them!! X

  16. Love! And I'm the same. The mister tells me off as I have so many notebooks and they have nothing in them. I ain't even sorry! I love them! I feel like blank pages lead to so many possibilities too!

    Lizzums x


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